1509 Creamy White Sella Basmati Rice

1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice

1509 Creamy White Sella Basmati Rice

1509 Basmati Rice is a hybrid extra long grain rice variety grown in Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh state of India. It is a slim rice grain with average grain length of 8.40mm+. It extends upto thrice, if cooked well. It has good fragrance same as 1121 Basmati rice and also used as a substitute.
Having huge market experience, we are engrossed in providing a wide range of 1509 White/Creamy Sella Basmati Rice to our valuable customers. 1509 White / Creamy Sella Basmati Rice is highly used in the preparation of various kinds of delicious dishes like Biryani, Fried Rice, Upma, Pulao, Mandi and many other rice dishes.1509 White / Creamy Sella Rice is premium quality aromatic rice which is naturally grown by experienced farmers and is highly nutritious with an excellent taste. We obtain the crop of this variety from trusted farmers and it is available at very competitive price.
Paddy(Raw material) is first steamed and then soaked into water for 12 hours, after 12 hours water is drained out and paddy is shifted to dryer to dry the paddy around 10 moisture levels. Paddy is given rest for about 24 hours and then milled in Milling plant by dehusking and polishing. The color of creamy sella is translucent and is completely geletenised during process. After milling, this rice is passed through to cleaner, destoner and finally into sortex machine to remove impurities and broken rice. Then graders installed in the sortex plant properly graded the rice in different forms as per its length. The head rice or full length rice comes out from a different pipe connected through the grader and the other lengths of rice called Second Wand, Dubar, Tibar, Mongra, Mini Mongra comes out from different sections of the graders and packed differently as per the requirements of the clients.
Apart from this variety, we also deal with other varieties of rice namely, IR8 Rice, Matta Rice, Kollam Rice, BPT Rice, Katarni Rice, Swarna Rice, Govindbhog Rice, Jaya Rice, Black Rice, Japonica Rice, Egyptian Rice, Thai Rice, Jasmine Rice, Round Rice, Idli Rice, Sushi Rice, Hom Mali Rice, Shri Ram Rice and other varieties and we are also specialized as rice millers, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, buyers, sellers, producers, manufacturing, wholesalers, producing, supplying, exports, exporters, suppliers, imports, importing, exporting, buying, selling, import, export, traders, trading, distributors, international traders, agents, brokers, commission agents, processors, purchase, processing, purchasing in India and around the world. Also contact us for daily rice price updates.

Product Details:

Average Grain Length 8.40mm+
Natural Admixture 5.00%
Purity 95%
Moisture 12% Max.
Broken Grain 0.5% Max.
Damage/Discolour Grain 0.5% Max.
Immature Grain Nil
Foreign Matter Nil
Packaging Type Jute bag, PP bag, Non-Woven bag or as per buyer's choice.
Supply Ability 2000 tons Per Week
Main Export Market(S) Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Europe, USA, Australia, Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Israel, Vietnam, Indonesia
Delivery Time 15 days

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